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You made it to the CO Station!

COURBET’s web3 journey is all about creating a genesis community of brilliant and passionate people that will be onboarded on a series of adventures and pampered as the most important people for all future web 3 activities. The first step will be minting our lifetime membership pass NFT to access the CO Station’s lab and enter the CO Genesis experience. You should hold on tight to this pass since it will be the key to each and every milestones of the roadmap extending all the way into 2024 and beyond. Shortly after mint, we will airdrop a diamond seed NFT to each pass holder so you can start growing your diamond. There will be important choices to make that will have consequences for your experience on this journey. No matter what, you will be able to claim your diamond set in a custom piece of 18K gold.

the station
01the station
  • Enter the station
  • Join the team of scientists
  • Connect with other brilliant minds
  • Learn to Operate the lab
the lab
02the lab
  • get access to the lab
  • receive your diamond seed
  • let it grow, the size is your choice
  • some will be lucky with colours
the gate
03the gate
  • get exclusive access to a secret space on
  • enjoy huge advantages available to no one else
the reward
04the reward
  • Deploy your acquired skills
  • spread the word
  • monthly “active” income airdrop
Genesis Image

From Place Vendôme to Ethereum

COURBET is the brand behind CO Genesis. Born from value-driven audacity, COURBET entered the luxury jewelry arena in 2018, with its bold mission to turn sustainability into an obvious aspect of luxury. The key was diamonds grown with renewable energy and traceable recycled gold from e-waste. Tech made this possible and became a crucial enabler also for the rest of COURBET’s business. Early on COURBET turned to the blockchain for its engagement ring certificates and implemented a solution to accept crypto on its website and in its showroom on 7 Place Vendôme in Paris.
Entering the web3 with CO Genesis is a logic choice and is seen as the future for creating and sharing value with a closely connected community. COURBET is backed by strong investors such as one of the largest global luxury brands and two VC funds. The brand has delivered an annual 50-100% growth since its launch confirming that despite past years' challenging circumstances, the market is ready for sustainable luxury.

lab-grown diamonds

an ecological alternative

A laboratory-grown diamond has the same properties as a mined diamond. The only difference is how they are formed; their origin, their "alter/native". Lab-grown diamonds are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds develop naturally. These diamonds consist of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure and exhibit the same optical and chemical properties.

*Actual carbon atoms

COURBET DiamondsA lab-grown diamond is graded according to four criteria, exactly the same as a mined diamond. They are the 4Cs: Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut.

frequently asked questions

01What is CO Genesis?
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Halfway between technology & heritage, COURBET offers an ecological alternative to traditional jewelry by crafting high-end pieces with lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold. CO Genesis kicks off Courbet's web3 journey. CO Genesis ambitions is to create and share tangible and substantial value with a genesis community of brilliant and passionate people.

02How can CO Genesis be ecological?
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Ethereum has reduced its impact by 99.9% via its change of validation process in September 2022. Today an Ethereum transaction equals 3 espressos - or if you prefer, 1 cappuccino consumes 10 times more kWh than a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes it possible for COURBET to make a carbon neutral mint with very little CO2 compensation. To do so COURBET choose to donate a percentage of the MINT and the royalties to a charity.

03How can I get whitelisted?
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Whitelist will be available through a proof of knowledge form to ensure a good fit on both sides. To learn more, check out our detailed guidelines on CO Genesis Discord.

04How & when can I mint?
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The mint of the CO Genesis lifetime membership pass will take place on our website. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on our CO Genesis Discord.

05How can I get & grow a diamond seed?
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The first step will be minting the CO Genesis lifetime membership pass to access the CO Station’s Lab and enter the CO Genesis experience. Soon after mint you will receive an airdrop of a second NFT, a diamond seed. Hold on to this one, it will grow into a high quality 0.3ct diamond and maybe more depending on your choices.

06Can I grow my diamond bigger?
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Yes it will be possible and for that you will need to buy more carbon atoms. More around the specific mechanics will be revealed at a later date.

07How & when do I claim my diamond?
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There will be a claiming window opening as soon as all the diamonds have grown to their selected sizes. There will be precise instructions on CO Genesis website on how to claim.

08Are there any additional benefits for holders?
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The CO Genesis experience is just the tip of the iceberg as the pass will unlock a lot more value : Token gated access, revenue sharing via active income, whitelist raffles...